Smart protection solutions for construction
Protection solutions for each stage of the project
Elevator protection suits
Maximum protection for the construction and renovation period
Uncompromising protection. From the floor to the walls
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Elevator protection products
Elevator protection suits by 3Block The best and most reliable protection in Israel for every construction and renovation stage, and during the period of building occupancy. When renovating, constructing or upgrading a building it is very important to protect the elevators from damage that can be very costly or worse, irreversible. We offer a variety of suits to protect the elevators during renovation work during the construction or occupancy periods:
› PVC plastic elevator protection suit - full branding option. Major advertising space.
› Fabric elevator protective suit
› Wooden elevator protective suit
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Protective coverings for escalators
Escalator protection covers - a unique patent by 3Block

An innovative product that protects escalators during construction or renovations. A universal product that can be adjusted according to the width of the escalator. The cover comes in 8 meter length units and at a width that is adjusted to the actual width of the escalator. The cover fully wraps the escalator and exterior walls. Made of fabric with a strong, high-quality PVC coating that includes a grip for the escalator railings. The cover is reusable and can be removed from the escalator and mounted on another escalator according to the needs in the field.
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Protection products for flooring and parquet
RAMBOARD – The ultimate protection for surfaces throughout renovation or construction Work space protection surfaces that can be used by you during all renovation and construction work
› Floor protection
› Stair protection
› Wall protection
› Protection of doors and doorframes
› Durable and stable protection for a wide range of spaces. What's special about RAMBOARD? Provides excellent protection against falls and scratches by heavy tools. Suitable for reuse! Made with Vapor-Cure technology that prevents liquid penetration of any kind. Does not leave marks or stains. Made of breathable material, high quality and eco-friendly.
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Additional products:
Building or home protection products during renovation or construction by 3Block More durable. Stronger. Higher quality

3Block offers its customers a set of complementary products for perfect protection during construction or renovation:
- Cardboard corner
- Harmony Hive Protector - Modular decorative wall protector
- Foot for opening a door - ideal for doors used in the public areas of the building
- Elevator billboard - with glass cladding