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Elevator Protection Products

Protective suits ensure that elevators remain new even when new occupants house the building, or after renovations and construction. Your elevator will not feel what is happening outside! The protective suits are made of foamed PVC with various prints, of wood and of fabric.


Floor and Parquet Protection Products

New flooring was installed and work is still in progress? Developed with an exclusive technology, RAMBOARD protection rolls are placed within minutes and guarantee 100% protection (!) from liquids, building debris and heavy tool damage.


Sanitary ware Protection Products

A new bathtub installed during a bathroom renovation or construction - is like an elephant in a china shop. The “BATHTOP” is an efficient, fast, affordable and multi-use solution for protecting new bathtubs. Just set it in place and forget all about it.

3BLOCK is the Company that Reinvented the Field of Construction Protection Solutions

Thanks to the unique products we have developed, more than 1,300 construction companies, management and maintenance companies and homeowners’ associations already enjoy a perfect protection of elevators, flooring and sanitary ware during construction works.

Our solutions are smart, technological and innovative. We guarantee our customers maximum efficiency. Minimum fuss.

Escalator Protection
Stairs Protection
Elevator Bulletin Boards
Plastic Protective Suit
RAMBOARD Floor Protection Rolls
Fabric Protective Suit



“I purchased a plastic protective suit for an elevator, with a special print of the towers, matching the atmosphere we wanted to create. 3Block helped us assemble the suit, did a very clean job, which was very important to me. They were fast and professional. Every question I asked was answered appropriately. I highly recommend 3Block, we have years of experience with the company and we enjoy being its customers with every rebuild. The service is good and fast, and we receive personal attention. The products are excellent".

Lior, High-Tower

“I purchased plastic protective suits for elevators. We assembled the suits at the Alon Towers in Tel Aviv, a 50-story building. The suits protected the elevators while transporting many heavy materials during construction work. The protective suits have served us continually in the building for about a year! The suits remain as new and so are the luxurious elevators”.

Nir – Ashtrom

“We purchased an elevator protection suit that adapted to every type of cab and aesthetically maintained the appearance of the elevator even during the works. The product offers high quality, with excellent survivability even during long periods of construction. Since we discovered 3Block’s Elevator Protective Suits we adopted them in all our construction sites. We are very pleased with the service and reliability. There is always willingness and readiness by Yuval and the rest of the staff to answer our every need and request. With such a service, we are very happy to work with 3Block. We will certainly recommend you to our colleagues”.

Gilad – Danya Cebus

“3Block’s elevator protective suit provided an excellent service and offered us great peace of mind. The product is good, performs its duty appropriately, protecting the elevators in sites where we manage construction and renovation projects. I warmly recommend 3Block’s elevator protective suit!”

Yaacov – Jstone Development and Construction Company

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