3Block is Israel’s leading company for protection solutions for elevators and the construction industry.

3Blocks’ product are used by more than 1,300 buildings, construction companies, property management companies, maintenance agencies, homeowners’ associations, and more.

Mr. Yuval Golan, the Company's CEO, and a product development expert, developed the Elevator Protection Suits in 2013, after recognizing an existing need for an easily assembled and disassembled product, lightweight yet strong and effective, and at an affordable price. In addition to elevator protection products, the 3Block imports the most advanced protection products for the construction industry.

The 3Block team is a professional and dedicated technical team, which provides a quick, efficient and accurate response to every need of the Company's customers. From the time the order is placed, our team is committed to the highest level of service which is the Company’s trademark, as well as to a quick product delivery, availability on the phone and training, as needed.

חשמל 1 קדימה, ת.ד. 5003



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