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3 Block is Israel’s leading company in the field of protective solutions for elevators and protective products for the construction industry.

More than 3,000 buildings, construction companies, managements, holdings, and house committees in Israel currently use 3 Block’s unique protection products.

The company’s CEO, Yuval Golan, a product development expert, designed protection sheets for elevators in 2013, after recognizing the existing need for a product that is convenient both to assemble and disassemble, is lightweight yet durable and effective, and comes at a reasonable price.

In addition to elevator protection products, the company imports some of the most advanced protective products for the construction industry.

3 Block boasts a professional and dedicated technical team, which provides a quick, efficient and accurate response to every need that arises for the company’s clients. Throughout the process, from the moment an order is placed, our team is committed to a high level of service – in terms of fast product delivery, telephone availability and guidance as required.


Founder and owner – Yuval Golan

Yuval is founder of 3 Block, a company that currently deals with a variety of products in the construction industry.

The idea for a “protective sheet for elevators” was derived from the need to protect an elevator in a new building that was damaged over years of occupancy and frequent moves in and out of apartments. Yuval, who manages the company from the development stages of the fabric sheet intended for house committees, recognized contractors’ need for a rigid and high-quality protective sheet.

Until 3 Block came up with a product called an “elevator protection sheet”, each contractor was assisted by a local carpenter or workforce located in the building and thus improvised elevator protection, which usually resulted in a hefty price for damages when the improvised protective apparatus was removed.

Yuval has never ceased to initiate the import or production of new and complementary products for the benefit of contractors who are building all over the State of Israel.

Yuval was able to expand the team of 3 Block employees and build a quality service team, which is always available, to provide a quick and optimal response to the company’s many customers.

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