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RAM BOARD for floor protection

A unique product for maximum protection for all flooring surfaces during construction and renovations, from RAM BOARD USA, for construction companies, renovation contractors, maintenance companies and renovators.

The strongest, most durable and stable floor protection surfaces on the market today – used by the largest construction companies in the country!!

Protect all flooring surfaces: ceramic / porcelain / stone / wood / smoothed concrete and more.

Made with one-way liquid evaporation technology – allows you to protect any surface and in particular smoothed concrete surfaces before the concrete dries completely.

100% resistant to falls from heavy or sharp tools and made with Vapor-Cure technology that prevents the penetration of liquids of any kind.

Made using Flex-Fiber technology – flexible and easy to work with and install.

Quick installation (with a new method that saves up to 40% of installation time), easy to remove and convenient to store.

The floor protection surfaces are made of a recycled natural material that does not stain the floor or damage it (unlike other products available on the market).

Green and reusable product.

The product meets the official fire standards.

Using the advanced floor protection products from RAM BOARD – up to 200% more protection – up to 80% savings – guaranteed!

The advanced protection products for the construction industry from RAM BOARD are the No. 1 choice for contractors around the world and are approved by the American Green Building Standard FSC.

** Glue rolls are included when ordering 3 rolls or more **



Green product and reusable .



Meets fire standards.



100% resistant to blows



Resistant to liquid penetration


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