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Protective fabric sheet for elevators

Elevator protection sheet made of fabric from 3 Block, for use by house committees as well as building management and maintenance companies.

The protection sheet for elevators provides maximum protection during the building’s occupancy stages, moving periods or during renovations in the building.

Easy assembly and disassembly, without causing damage to the elevator, and without the need for professionals or drilling.

Simple to store and folds easily to the size of a large sleeping bag.

The sheet is tailor-made for the dimensions of the elevator in the building.

Three-year warranty.

Product description

  • Made of woven and reinforced decorative fabric sheets with PVC coating.
  • Made of REBOND hard sponge that provides a buffer between the elevator wall and the fabric sheets, for maximum protection and to prevent shocks, blows and scratches.
  • PVC ceiling 0.6 mm thick.
  • Massive 2mm thick PVC floor that includes an aluminum sill for easy entry of wheelchairs and strollers.
  • Two telescopic poles made of stainless steel.
  • Two pressure rods made of stainless steel with adjustable legs.
  • Thick clasps – 5 cm wide – for connecting the walls to the elevator.

Possible additions:

  • Transparent window for exposing the elevator’s mirror – extra charge.
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