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Harmony Hive Shield

The Harmony Hive Shield is designed to provide a solution for decorative walls in a building lobby or in a storey lobby during construction or renovation of the building.

This shield was developed after years of examining the need for an easy and convenient product that can be reused and assembled comfortably and easily.

A round concrete pillar can easily be protected by the shield.

The interior of the product is built like a beehive and provides maximum protection even in the event of severe damage.

Product size data: height 209 cm width 60 cm depth 1.5 cm

The dimensions of the product are designed to accommodate the dimensions of a standard outdoor elevator frame. The width makes it convenient when carrying and assembling the product. The depth assures an optimal protection area for walls.

If there is no protective sheet for elevators, this product can easily be used instead.

At the end of use, the product can be easily stored and reused as needed.

The product can be cut and processed with a boxcutter and applied to the walls using brown adhesive paper sold by our company (50 meters long and 7 cm or 5 cm wide).

The hive shield is useful for execution contractors, renovation contractors and apartment management companies.


Dimensions: height 209 cm, width 60 cm, depth 1.5 cm

Easy to assemble and disassemble

Resistant to severe damage

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