The team

Yuval Golan – CEO and Owner

Yuval is the founder of 3Block, which currently deals with a variety of construction products.

He was inspired with the idea of an "Elevator Protection Suit" due to the need for elevator protection in a new building that was damaged during its housing and frequent residents’ moves. Yuval, who led the company from its inception, recognized constructor’s need for a sturdy, high-quality protective suit.

Until 3Block launched its "Elevator Protective Suit", every construction contractor hired a local carpenter or workforce on site, to improvise an elevator protection, which usually meant paying a heavy price for damages when disassembled.

Yuval has not ceased to initiate the importation or manufacturing of new and complementary products for the benefit of construction contractors, who are building throughout the State of Israel.

Yuval succeeded in expanding the 3Block staff to a tight, service-oriented team, with high availability which can provide a fast and optimal response to the company’s customers.

Wilson Goldwasser – Manufacturer of suits (notably lined fabric)

Wilson has all it takes to be an outstanding employee. He starts working on a product only after understanding the task at hand. His work is top-quality, and he constantly includes new ideas gained by his ever-growing experience.

When Wilson visits a site to provide service or install a product, the contractors ask him to come back soon, as they admire his skills and relaxed vibe.

Wilson is often required to perform complex tasks. He is gladly accepts any professional challenge.

Wilson immigrated to Israel from Brazil and successfully adopted to local language and lifestyle..

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